George Smith

senior instructor

George Smith: Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, instruction. George also conducts MAUI (Mount Airy Ukulele Invasion) and Granite City Rock Orchestra at Olde Mill Music. Find out more about MAUI here, and Granite City Rock Orchestra here. 

​"I am fortunate enough to be able to make a living at music whether it's performing, teaching, recording or tuning pianos. In all aspects, I try to always put my heart into it. To me, it's where the music begins, lives, stirs and thrives." George Smith

Call George at 336-648-0136

​Isaac Rives is a bassist from Mount Airy who has performing, touring, studio, and teaching experience including over a decade in Nashville, TN, as a musician and studio engineer.  He has played and can teach almost any genre from rock and funk to classical and jazz.  All ages and all experience levels are welcome! Email Isaac at or call 336-374-8132

Zack Groff

Zack Groff: Piano Instructor

Zack is classically trained and fluent in all styles of music. He instructs children as well as adults.

Call to set up a lesson with Zack today at 336-326-5699

Stanley Widener

Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo, and Mandolin Instructor

Stanley studied classical guitar at the North Carolina School of the Arts for six years.  He teaches all styles of acoustic and electric guitar, beginning fiddle, old time banjo, Irish tenor banjo , Irish bouzouki and mandolin.  He began teaching in 1987. Call 276-728-8662 to schedule lessons with Stanley!

Chad Barnard: Guitar, Ukulele, Songwriting, Music Theory

Chad Barnard is a Mount Airy native that has been playing guitar for over twenty years. He has an Associates Degree in Audio Production and Artist Management. He is currently earning his Bachelor’s in Guitar from Berklee College of Music. His songs have received national press and college radio airplay. While Chad is currently teaching guitar, ukulele, songwriting, and music theory, he plans to add several more instruments in the near future. Please call 336.829.1071 or email to book your lesson.

Personalized Instruction

With more than 20 years of experience in music lessons, Olde Mill Music provides excellent, individualized instruction to our students. Our team of instructors are motivated by their love of music and the passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine.

Call us to further discuss lessons at 336-786-8742, or call the instructors directly to schedule your lesson today.

Meet Our Teachers


​​​      β€‹Chad barnard

Amey King

Amey King: Piano Instructor

Amey enjoys building better musicians, and certainly knows the value of music education!

Call to set up a lesson with Amey today at 276-235-0695

sylvia lowry

Sylvia Lowry: Voice and Music Instructor

Sylvia is a certified Estill Voice International Master Teacher. Sylvia offers voice training for all ages of singers, speakers, and actors. She can help you prepare for auditions as well as build confidence and increase your musicianship.

Call to set up a lesson with Sylvia today at 336-793-7658

Greg Jones

Greg Jones: Mandolin and more

Greg is well versed in bluegrass and is currently playing with several touring groups, including The Churchmen! Greg can instruct students at an advanced level, and is currently taking a limited number of students.

Call to set up a lesson with Greg today at 336-326-5614

Brent ferry

Brent Ferry: Drum Instructor

Brent loves to play, study, and teach the drums. He has expertise playing in symphonic orchestras, jazz ensembles, marching bands, rock bands, recording, and teaching the drums. Brent is proficient in all styles of drumming.  He instructs children as well as adults.

Call to set up a lesson with Brent today at 336-756-1695